Control Velocity Pro 01

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Feel performance in its purest shape. The next gen racket is here!

Crafted with the finest European materials and the unparalleled expertise of one of Spain's leading manufacturers, this racket epitomizes our mastery of carbon engineering. It's not just an elegant companion that draws attention thanks to its iconic design. The engineered ROCKSOLID bridge stabilizer offers a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption. With our top-tier BASALT-CARBON fibre layup and  CARBON-KEVLAR frame the sweet spot is even more reactive, providing unmatched precision and speed for your game. A quintessential design for all advanced or pro players with ambitions.

  • Made in Spain 🇪🇸



Made in Spain
Shape Tear Drop
Weight 365-370
Balance Even / Head heavy
Core type EVA 40
Body Rocksolid 12K
Basalt Carbon Fiber
Surface Hyperspin
Bridge Rocksolid Basalt Carbon
Bridge Stabilizer
Frame Carbon Kevlar Frame