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Behind our brand is a global team of passionate padel experts, players, coaches, world champions, engineers, and creatives who have set out to take our sport to a new level. Our brand name, pallap, is derived from the fusion of "padel" and "slap," resonating with the rhythmic sound of a racket hitting the ball and then the wall. It symbolizes the harmony and passion that connects players, equipment, the court, and life itself. We stand for performance, but we think beyond that. Our aim is to inspire padel players globally; for the community, from the community.

pallep team profile image - Paula Eyheraguibel
Paula Eyheraguibel, Argentina

You don't need to say much about the 8 times World Champion, she is a true legend in padel. Paula is the only Argentinian player participating in 10 consecutive world championships (2002 -2012).

She has been No. 1 Argentina (2000, 2001), No. 1 in Spain and International 2003, 2004, 2005, No. 1 in Catalonia 2016-2017.

She is now just as successful as a coach as she was as a player. As head coach of the Argentine Junior Womens team she was winning the World junior championships 2021 and worked as a team coach in the World Padel Tour.

As a director and co-founder of the World Padel Academy she has made its contribution to the further development of our sport. Now she is the sports director for CLUB ESPORTIU (Catalan League) and the coach of pro players Sam Jones and Tia Northon (UK) and Mathiue Avice (France).

Paula on Instagram

Hugo Cases, Spain

Anyone who plays in Spain will know Hugo Cases. But he has also made a name for himself at international level, for example as World Padel Tour commentator.

The 4 times Champion of Madrid and former No. 31 in Pro Padel now works at many levels and functions in the padel and tennis coaching business and federations.

He can look back on almost 20 years of experience as a coach and padel schools coordinator and can therefore provide us with valuable support in the development of our rackets. And he reaches the entire padel community with his training tips on his Social channels.

Hugo on Instagram

Mariano Llanos, Argentina

His now 35 year long journey in the sport reflects a lifelong dedication to Padel, blending playing experience with coaching expertise fostering the sport's expansion and strengthen the Padel community on a global scale.

Marianos sporting highlights as an Argentine pro player include the Junior Champion title and 1st category titles. He was integral part of the Argentine National Team, winning the World Championship in 1994. As head coach, he now is dedicated to nurturing talent at the A2 PRO Academy in Barcelona and as the personal coach of Elodie Invernon, representing Team France.

Furthermore, he is involved in the training of trainers sharing his knowledge to empower future coaches.

Mariano on Instagram

pallep team profile image - Elodie Invernon - padel sport brand
Elodie Invernon, France

The French international player based in Barcelona is currently ranking No. 10 in France and steadily climbing up the FIP world rankings, currently ranked 114.

Her on court position is left and her profile is attack player.

Career highlights:

  • Member of the French team at the 2021 and 2022 World Championships.

French Club Champion 2024.

  • Main draw of the Roland Garros 2023 and Doha 2024 Majors and final rounds FIP tournaments.

Elodie on Instagram

pallep team profile image - Elena Carboni - padel sport brand
Elena Carboni, Italy

Like many players, Elena began her sporting career in tennis where she reached the European U12 finals in Paris. Three years ago she switched to padel. The national Italian player currently plays in the Italian second division for the CP Firenze team trained by coach Ariel Mogni and head coach at the CPadel club in Arezzo/Tuscany. Elena is also coach for the Italian federation.

Elena on Instagram

pallep team profile image - George Weller - padel sport brand
George Weller, United Kingdom

Sport is his life. Having been one of the nations top players at youth level in both soccer and table tennis, he has focused on padel for the last few years. After 3 heart procedures, he has fought his way back to No. 8 in the UK rankings and aspiring now to play for the GB national team in the coming years.

His favorite shot is Bajada. He currently plays at the Padel Hub Slough, UK.

George on Instagram

Chris Dessalles, France

As an entrepreneur, Chris can look back on over 20 years of experience in the sports industry and has been an ambitious padel player for many years. Padel is his daily passion.

Rob Elvidge, United Kingdom

As a passionate padel player, Rob combines his love for our sport with his experience as an international sales expert.

pallep team profile image - Stefano Baraldo - padel sport brand
Stefano Baraldo, Italy

Stefano is a sports scientist and can look back on many years of experience in training analysis. He has worked in this field for the Italian Football Association, among others, and was a member of the coaching teams for professional tennis players including Grand Slam winners. He currently works in sports rehabilitation and training.