Control Velocity Elite 01

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Product Overview

The perfect ball to player interface.

Let's explore what's behind this clean and aesthetic look of the racket. To deliver the perfect balance of two worlds—control and speed—our developers teamed up with some of the best coaches in Spain to create one of the most competitive rackets in our range. The CV Elite features the advanced ROCKSOLID construction, a 12K BASALT-CARBON weave construction with a large sweet spot and a core of top-quality EVA 30 for optimal control. The super-strong CARBON-KEVLAR frame guarantees stability and unmatched power transfer. Strategically placed reinforcement patches in the bridge-to-grip transition made out of BASALT-CARBON fiber efficiently reduce any vibrations for a cleaner feel upon ball impact. What you get is maximum control under pressure and impressive speed when you need it.

  • Made in Spain 🇪🇸



Made in Spain
Shape Tear Drop
Weight 355-360
Balance Even
Core type EVA 30
Body Rocksolid 12K
Basalt Carbon Fiber
Surface Hyperspin
Bridge Rocksolid Basalt Carbon
Bridge Stabilizer
Frame Carbon Kevlar Frame