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Engineered for Excellence.

At Pallap Sport, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the game of Padel with our cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship.

Our rackets are meticulously designed and tested to ensure they deliver unmatched performance and durability, giving you the edge you need to dominate the court.

Rocksolid Bridge Stabilizer

Experience unparalleled stability and vibration damping with our new Rocksolid Bridge Stabilizer Technology. This innovation features strategically placed layers of carbon basalt fibers in the racket's grip bridge area, delivering several key advantages:

  • Enhanced Stiffness: Increases rigidity in high-stress areas for greater durability and performance.
  • Advanced Vibration Damping: Provides direct stroke feedback and perfect control for a superior playing experience.

Elevate your game with Rocksolid Bridge Stabilizer, engineered for excellence.

Rocksolid 15K Basalt Carbon Fiber

Our top-line rackets maximize material properties such as tensile strength and specific stiffness while maintaining minimal weight. Featuring ultra-flat, 15,000-filament bi-directional carbon fabric, our 15K technology guarantees:

  • Superior Touch: Enhances your feel for the game.
  • Maximum Durability: Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Experience the ultimate in touch and durability with Rocksolid 15K Basalt Carbon Fiber.

Rocksolid Basalt Carbon  Fiber 15K - pallap racket technologies - padel sport brand
Carbon Kevlar Frame

By incorporating KEVLAR fiber into our construction, we significantly enhance tensile strength, effectively reducing unwanted torsion during ball impact.

Experience greater stability and control with the advanced Carbon Kevlar Frame.

pallap racket technologies - Carbon Kevlar Frame
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Rocksolid Basalt-Carbon

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that BASALT-CARBON compounds possess superior specific energy absorption capabilities compared to laminates made solely of carbon-epoxy or glass-epoxy. This hybrid fiber is used for high-impact applications in both the automotive and aerospace industries.

Our advanced BASALT-CARBON layups enhance the playing feel and absorb unwanted vibrations.

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Dual Carbon Frame

The DUAL CARBON FRAME technology incorporates an inner tube made of 3K CARBON, which is encased in an additional outer layer of carbon. This frame offers torsional stiffness for a controlled and powerful game.

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An extremely grippy coating of quartz crystals creates maximum spin on the ball and enhances ball control

Preview image for pallap racket technology Spindriver 3D-Face - pallap sport padel brand

The unique 3D texture induces added ball control and spin upon contact with the racket  surface.

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Rocksolid 12K Basalt Carbon Fiber

To maximize material properties like tensile strength and specific stiffness at minimum weight, our top line rackets feature the flat 12,000 filament bi-directional carbon fabric. Our 12K fabric guarantees excellent touch and enhances the durability of the rackets.

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X-Lite Pro Fiber

X-Lite Pro Fiber refers to a new construction featuring a high end fiberglass-epoxy compound and an engineered layup that offers lightweight yet durable performance for our entry level rackets. With the X-LITE PRO FIBER beginners and intermediate players benefit from a softer playing feel, lightweight agility and easy control.

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Ultra Carbon Alu 12K

Our Italian-made Ultra Carbon Alu 12K features a special aluminum coating on flat and lightweight 80 gsm carbon fiber, providing a super technical look and maximum performance.
The system allows for minimal resin build-up, ensuring minimal weight with high shear strength and overall stiffness.

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Ultra Carbon 12K

The ULTRA CARBON 12K is a pure carbon system made with advanced and lightweight Italian 12,000 filament fabric for maximum performance and a clear, direct touch.